I want to post anything. I will not care if it don’t get any note.


Reblog so people know who you are.

Name: Jesiel
Tumblr Name: Jesiel (loool)
Nickname(s): Jejeru, Jeje
Birthday: May 14th
Relationship Status: single, forever and ever
Random fact about you: I’m vegetarian
Hobbies/Interests: games, music, art, beer o/, philosophy
Do you smoke/drink: I drink, with friends.. don’t smoke
Why Tumblr?: better than blogger

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text jesiel

I like a more “serious” type of art but I also do like of art with an “anime” type (that you see on pixiv). When I post one type who likes the other type unfollow me, and vice versa. I hope I will find in the followers that remain people that have the same taste as mine. ^^/


Oh god my English is so bad…(ToT) I can’t do one sentence without making a lot of mistakes. People usually think I’m a kind of Tarzan or something like… The same with my Japanese.  T____T